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117 West is a quartet that formed from the pool of bluegrass players in San Diego and plays many forms of string music including bluegrass, jazz, country, gospel, and popular music. With combined experience in records, movie sound tracks, television, radio and live performance 117 West brings new interpretations and skillful execution to familiar themes in bluegrass and string music
Above- Left to right: Dan Broder, Kenny Wertz, Becky Green,Darren Weiss
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Kenny Wertz & Alan O'Bryant from
Nashville Bluegrass Band giving a banjo workshop

117 West Band at Summergrass 2005

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I Can See Clearly Now 0:30 (340K)
Gentle on My Mind 0:30
Hard Hearted 0:30
Look Down That Lonesome Rd 0:30
Homeward Bound 0:30 (340K)
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